IIT JEE Preparation – Parents role

From my viewpoint of a parent trying to train my daughter for IIT JEE, I would like to list out my impressions.

  1. Awareness of JEE prep has increased tremendously in AP and Telengana.
  2. Catch them young type of attitude and fierce competition among educational institutions help foster this spirit.
  3. Parents involvement in learning and encouragement   aids students.
  4. Educated parents should involve minutely in their wards prep. This is what I noticed.
  5. I am lucky that I had inclination for physics and her mother a PhD in Chemistry.
  6. Availability of materials had increased exponentially.
  7. For physics i found a structured way of solving NCERT, HC Verma, GC Agrawal, Sardana and occasional problems from Irodov and Abhay Kumar Singh is an ideal one.
  8. I had an edge here because of Dora and having started from 10th her physics prep.

Heat & Thermodynamics : Focus for this week by HITA

We plan to concentrate on Heat & Thermodynamics for this week .

  1. This is the present topic in her college.
  2. We will start with HC Verma and add Sardana, IRODOV and Abhay Kumar Singh as we move forward.
  3. Hope to review with Dora on this topic by Sunday if not on Sat .
  4. Heat is an essential topic and relatively straight questions are available in competitive exams.
  5. I would like  Hita to increase the practice hours/output to gain quickness  in recognising situations and accuracy.
  6. Maybe I will supply her with more DPPs, QPs and assignments on Heat & Thermodynamics this week to steel her from surprises.
  7. Relatively weak areas need to be identified for ex from NSEP exam we would like to increase focus on Optics, Current Electricity, Experimental/Theoretical Physics, SemiConductor Devices.

Iteration and Test taking for NSEP

We started tests for prep towards NSEP as time is short and prep can never be enough from books like Sardana, HC Verma, Abhay Kumar Singh, Irodov.

  1. I would like Hita to take all previous QPs of NSEP.
  2. I have collection from 2000 to 2013.
  3. we will be doing 3-4 qps per day ,checking their answers, identifying gaps,related areas,drilling on weaknesses,getting reviewed by DORA wherever his intervention will be useful,studying related explanation from text books like HC Verma, Resnick and Halliday would strengthen Hita’s intution in Physics hopefully.
  4. Hoping to understand the examiner’s mind by practicing as many questions as possible.
  5. we want to emphasise on Modern Physics, Semiconductor Devices, AC Circuits,Units & Dimensions, Errors, Experimental Skills as Hita felt some gaps here.
  6. My friend and classmate KVN Pratap Reddy may help me here as he is an expert in Electronics and would be able to demonstrate practically many aspects of Diodes, Transistors, Logic Gates.

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Revision of SHM by Gangineni Hita

Presently SHM is being done in Hita’s classroom. She told me she solved all of HC Verma and DPPs given by her Physics Class teacher.She is also done some problems from Irodov and AK Singh , I think. I will review her progress and ask her some conceptual questions I randomly come across.

Dora’s notes may come in handy here.