Hita’s prep for Semiconductor Devices

As i have some idea regarding Electronics, having studied ECE ,I would like to comment on some questions in NSEP.

  1. Questions on Diodes as Clipper circuits are asked in 2014.
  2. Zener Diode as voltage regulator related problems
  3. AND,OR,NAND,NOR  truth tables and basic circuits using these gates

1-Day to go for NSEP 2014-15

Only a day left for the much awaited NSEP for Hita.

  1. Today we have tried to review all the questions we had with Dora for 2 hrs.
  2. Hita is in 10+1 where as the syllabi covers total Inter. We have prepared our level best in 10+2 topics like Electricity & Magnetism, Optics, Modern Physics.
  3. Right now we are reviewing some topics like Units & Dimensions, Physical World, Errors, Semiconductors which are on the periphery.
  4. Enrollments in NSEP for this year may have crossed 50K , I suppose.
  5. Dora motivated Hita about quickness,accuracy and need for neatness in Diagrams etc. Hita is all ears.

Semi-Conductor Devices – Hita’s NSEP Prep

Today after her exam,we went to my classmate at SVUCE and an Electronics Engineer KVN Pratap Reddy’s house @ Tarnaka. We had a fruitful discussion for 3 hrs regarding Diodes, Transistors and some problems.

I hope Hita has gained some confidence in Semiconductor Devices topic for NSEP exam.They have tried some prev Gate questions on Electronic Devices also.

I think we need a topic expert model (TEM) where people from physics are not familiar with these topics including Communication systems.