IIT JEE Preparation – Parents role

From my viewpoint of a parent trying to train my daughter for IIT JEE, I would like to list out my impressions.

  1. Awareness of JEE prep has increased tremendously in AP and Telengana.
  2. Catch them young type of attitude and fierce competition among educational institutions help foster this spirit.
  3. Parents involvement in learning and encouragement   aids students.
  4. Educated parents should involve minutely in their wards prep. This is what I noticed.
  5. I am lucky that I had inclination for physics and her mother a PhD in Chemistry.
  6. Availability of materials had increased exponentially.
  7. For physics i found a structured way of solving NCERT, HC Verma, GC Agrawal, Sardana and occasional problems from Irodov and Abhay Kumar Singh is an ideal one.
  8. I had an edge here because of Dora and having started from 10th her physics prep.

NSEP 2014-15, Some differences in KEY

I think nsep 2014-15 is bound to raise some difference of opinion in few questions due to its 70 MCQs and a somewhat tricky nature.

  1. We found some differences with FIITJEE solutions available here.
  2. Q.No 66 in the Diode Circuit the diode does not clip the positive half cycle as it becomes reverse biased and the open circuit produces the same o/p wave form.
  3. Negative half cycle Diode becomes short circuited and acts as a Rectifier. Therefore the correct answer (a),(c),(d)
  4. FIITJEE identifies it as a,b,c,d
  5. We have to wait till Resonance Key today for a second Opinion and IAPT Key on Dec 2, for a final opinion.

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