Following Hita in her prep

I would like to follow Hita in her prep towards IIT JEE in Physics since I had a fascination towards it from my college days.

  1. Maybe I will summarise what Dora told her in the form of capsules in this blog.
  2. I will try to scan those pages.
  3. Maybe it will fructify into a book by the time Hita finishes her IIT JEE exam ( 2016 June).
  4. For another ten days i would concentrate on Heat & Thermodynamics.
  5. I will begin @ the beginning i.e  NCERT and go towards HC Verma, Sardana, Abhay Kumar Singh.

Revision of SHM by Gangineni Hita

Presently SHM is being done in Hita’s classroom. She told me she solved all of HC Verma and DPPs given by her Physics Class teacher.She is also done some problems from Irodov and AK Singh , I think. I will review her progress and ask her some conceptual questions I randomly come across.

Dora’s notes may come in handy here.

Role Models in Physics olympiad

My daughter considers  Akanksha Sarda and Jeevana Priya Inala as her role models in preparing for physics.

Of course she has the previlege of being mentored by a heavy duty person like my friend who would easily be in the top three in Hyderabad in the arena of JEE Physics.

I am fortunate enough to be guided by Dr  P Narayana sir who considers students as his family members and showers unconditional affection on the people whom he comes across.