Physics by Abhay Kumar Singh

I always liked Problems in Physics by  AK Singh so much that I had multiple copies and gifted one to my Dora who mentors Physics for Hita.

  1. AKS treatment of physics is crisp and mathemetical.
  2. I liked his alternate approaches to solving problems.
  3. He emphasises physical intuttion rather than mathematical jugglery.
  4. I look forward to a theory book on physics by AKS as announced in wiley India website. Also awaiting the second edition of Irodov’s solutions.

NSEP 2014

The race for NSEP 2014 has begun.

  1. Hita Gangineni enrolled for NSEP 2014 from Narayana IIT Academy.
  2. She is very keen and started preparing earnestly from today although she took a break to visit Sujana mall along with her friends and class mates.
  3. Started with physical optics from Rahul Sardana her favorite book ( one of the books!)
  4. Hope to cover much distance in these Dasara holidays upto 5 th oct if her mood is ok !
  5. We plan to start from HC Verma and Sardana and graduate to Abhay Kumar Singh.
  6. Last year she put good effort but couldnt get through NSEP.
  7. We would like to concentrate on Sr Inter topics like Optics, Electricity and Magnetism, Modern physics.