Lenses and Optical Instruments

Focus this week is on lenses and optical instruments for Hita. Though Geometrical Optics is treated as one unit by Dora, I think we have to adjust to this micro level treatment of concept building by her China IIT Academy.

Maybe we have prioritised and trying to do in the following  order.

1. HC Verma intensive practice

2. Telugu academy question bank


4.DPPs and qp s of IIT Academy

5. AK Singh problems review


Refraction, TIR and Prism

G. Hita  I think will work on Total Internal reflection, refraction and prism this week.

Hope to find variety of problems in these areas also.

Though i am a bit taken back by her score in NSEP 2015.

Maybe I have to extract more o/p from her assignments.

we will try to do expts in this area with help of her mother.

Geometrical Optics

Gangineni Hita has started Geometrical Optics in her IIT Academy. Apparently there is good variety of problems here.

  1. Dora says he is also uncomfortable in the initial stages, but Hita is content  with his grace.
  2. She admires HC Verma – Concepts of Physics – Vol 1 and its problems in optics.
  3. We will progress to Co-IPL material, Abhay Kumar Singh,Rahul Sardana and prev.IIT qps.
  4. I suppose Hita needs to build more clarity with ray diagrams and sign convention.
  5. I would force Hita to do some expts in Optics so that she gets a feel of concepts.

Training Hard

Seal Training

I  always insist on training hard for Gangineni.Hita as her uncle also would advise. We want to cope with surprises.

  1. Any type of questions – Multi-Choice/Paragraph/Matching/Integer type/ Subjective
  2. All topics – including Experimental Physics, Conceptual questions, Semiconductor Devices,Properties of Matter, Measurements and Error analysis

Some topics in Physics-Outliers

I have observed that some topics in Second year physics  can be focused better for IIT-JEE Mains.

  1. Electromagnetic Waves
  2. Semiconductor Electronics, Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits
  3. Communication Systems

I think these can be better interpreted by an electronics engineer like myself with proper preparation.