Iteration and Test taking for NSEP

We started tests for prep towards NSEP as time is short and prep can never be enough from books like Sardana, HC Verma, Abhay Kumar Singh, Irodov.

  1. I would like Hita to take all previous QPs of NSEP.
  2. I have collection from 2000 to 2013.
  3. we will be doing 3-4 qps per day ,checking their answers, identifying gaps,related areas,drilling on weaknesses,getting reviewed by DORA wherever his intervention will be useful,studying related explanation from text books like HC Verma, Resnick and Halliday would strengthen Hita’s intution in Physics hopefully.
  4. Hoping to understand the examiner’s mind by practicing as many questions as possible.
  5. we want to emphasise on Modern Physics, Semiconductor Devices, AC Circuits,Units & Dimensions, Errors, Experimental Skills as Hita felt some gaps here.
  6. My friend and classmate KVN Pratap Reddy may help me here as he is an expert in Electronics and would be able to demonstrate practically many aspects of Diodes, Transistors, Logic Gates.

images (4)

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