Best Wishes to all NSEP Test takers

I convey my best wishes to all Physics enthusiasts there taking the NSEP test today during 9.30-11.30 am.

  1. This is the first step to IPho.
  2. If nothing else this will greatly help them in consolidating their physics skills.
  3. From tomorrow I would start focussing on INPhO- 2015.
  4. Lot of resources useful for problem solving are found  here
  5. IPhO 2015 to be held in Mumbai, may be if the stars align I will be present there along with Dora.


IPhO and Jaan Kalda

When trying to  find resources for Hita in her prep for Physics Olympiad , I found a very interesting and top class resource by Jaan Kalda here. 

His documents are highly valuable for all Physics lovers.


Google gives u a mine of resources for a patient and skillful excavator.

I will keep updating about interesting personalities in the field of Physics Olympiads and IITJEE Physics during my quest.

I very much liked his formula sheet here.