My favorite problems in physics book

I had been fascinated by the book Problems in Physics by Abhay Kumar Singh from my engineering prep days. The fact that it is quite respected even today is a testimony of its depth and treatment of subject.

Gangineni Hita will complete atleast one overall sampling of problems from the book in another three intensive sessions with Dora. She has to do Modern physics , Semi-conductor devices and some kinematics. Why some she has to do full to full kinematics in her own language.

Hita is satisfied only if the topic in physics is treated by her uncle and the explanation comes from his mouth. I think more than his explanation his exhortation is what matters because an intense field of physics problem solving is felt in his presence.

Though other famous international books like IE IRODOV are there I  preferred AK Singh for his  Indian flavor and strict usage of SI units.I had to do lot of negotiation with large no of stakeholders in getting Hita experience a flavor of A K Singh’s book.

Hope her mother meets AK Singh next week in Patna and some thing fruitful comes out of it for her next step in prep for olympiad and camp.

Today hopefully Hita would have started her brushing up of Sardana’s books with Optics and Modern Physics by adjusting her lunch and managing in her study hours.( if she doesnt feel shy of reading physics!)

Some images of A K Singh