IIT JEE Preparation – Parents role

From my viewpoint of a parent trying to train my daughter for IIT JEE, I would like to list out my impressions.

  1. Awareness of JEE prep has increased tremendously in AP and Telengana.
  2. Catch them young type of attitude and fierce competition among educational institutions help foster this spirit.
  3. Parents involvement in learning and encouragement   aids students.
  4. Educated parents should involve minutely in their wards prep. This is what I noticed.
  5. I am lucky that I had inclination for physics and her mother a PhD in Chemistry.
  6. Availability of materials had increased exponentially.
  7. For physics i found a structured way of solving NCERT, HC Verma, GC Agrawal, Sardana and occasional problems from Irodov and Abhay Kumar Singh is an ideal one.
  8. I had an edge here because of Dora and having started from 10th her physics prep.

Electrodynamics for IITJEE

Hita is starting  Sr.CO-IPL from today in her quest for IIT-JEE.

  1. I would like to support her in physics prep.
  2. I am a physics enthusiast and that helps. With Dora’s top class guidance hope she can do wonders.
  3. We would be intensely preparing Electrodynamics with IRODOV and A K Singh
  4. If the copy right and authors permit, I would be posting some discussion on AK Singh’s questions as Dora would discuss with Hita.
  5. Irodov’s solutions are already available from Wiley authored by AK Singh.

Wave Optics

Hita has started wave optics in her IIT Academy. We hope to achieve some hard practice by the end of this week. Some of the materials we have gathered are

  1. Telugu academy question bank
  2. Deepthi Eamcet vol 2
  3. Rahul Sardana on Optics
  4. Resnick & Halliday for IIT-JEE
  5. A K Singh
  6. GC Agrawal
  7. CO-IPL Material
  8. DPPs and Q.P s of IIT Academy

This will keep Hita sufficiently occupied and DORA is always available for clarifications.

progress in NSEP prep

Hita is continuing her quest for NSEP 2014. We have done question papers of NSEP 2000-2014, IITJEE 1997-2014.

  1. Hita identified some problems where she would like a clarification/opinion from DORA.
  2. We are also marking questions from 35 years prev qps  in Physics by DC Pandey. Probably we will go to Dora on Friday.
  3. Solving questions from prev.papers of NSEP,IITJEE would help Hita calibrate her skills and hone her conceptual understanding.
  4. I would like her ideally to start IRODOV and A K Singh after her NSEP exam.
  5. Maybe conceptual questions from HCVerma, Resnick & Halliday , NCERT books also need a thorough review by Hita.

Previous IIT JEE Question Papers

G.Hita started practicing prev.qp of iit-jee .I felt she has a reasonable idea of the fundamentals needed to practice questions. Anyhow due to paucity of time we started question papers .

  1. I could get hold of only upto 1996 exams only.
  2. The quality of question papers increases as u move from 2014-1996 as Hita observed.
  3. I needed qps upto 1988 as DORA would have appreciated these qps of subjective nature.
  4. May be i will review some topics like Error analysis, Units & Dimensions and Modern Physics.

Physics Lecturer’s anguish

I found it interesting.

I am teaching for 20 years now and observed most students can do much better if they have the self motivation to solve and practice. Cheap books are available in second hand bookstalls, where you get thousands of Numericals to solve ….. but most students will like to blow their time going and coming for tuition, travel time …. TV for hours and hours watching cricket / Tennis games, playing computer games ….   😦    My free lectures are not going to make much difference in spending of unnecessary money for coaching ….. I know very well , how much people enjoy .. , spending unnecessarily !!    Do you know that there are NO poor / needy students in Bangalore. Sometime back I had tried to teach for IIT JEE FREE. Discussed with a few NGOs and social service guys. Arranged rooms but got only 1 student. We had informed many people in many ways to inform students …. We did not get students who are ready to learn for free. So I am sure these lectures are NOT FREE. If anyone learns from these, s/he changes and that’s the gain / benefit. This change ( due to learning ) is very costly …. Most do not want to learn ………..