Semiconductor Electronics: Materials,Devices and Simple Circuits

Hita is preparing for this topic in her IIT-JEE Coaching center.

  1. This topic is in the mains syllabi only. Not there for JEE Advanced.
  2. So there is a tendency to go light on part of students and institutes.
  3. However myself having studied BTech (ECE) helps and Hita is forcing me to recollect all basics.
  4. since simple ckts are tested here we have followed NCERT, HC Verma, GC Agrawal.
  5. HC Verma has interesting problem no.28 on diode ckts. good combo of ckt theory and diode biasing.
  6. GC Agrawal has good collection of questions MCQs and Integer type.
  7. However this carries weightage in NSEP & Olympiads.
  8. I have collected simple problems from GATE material, Prev Question Papers which are highly relevant.
  9. Particularly Zener Diode operation as a voltage regulator is interesting and Hita had adequate practice I hope.
  10. Logic gates though simple has a chance committing silly mistakes.
  11. Two terminal diode operation is straight forward though understanding 3-terminal transistor requires a bit of effort.
  12. n-p-n Si transistor in CE configuration is only required in the syllabus.