Magnetics for IIT JEE

Hita is studying Magnetostatics.

  1. HCV is a starting point as it clears the basics
  2. We have practiced from Resnick,Halliday adopted edition by Manish Singhal
  3. DD Mukherjee of Bharati Bhavan
  4. Co-IPL material
  5. DPPs of  Chaina Academy

Superposition Theorem

In trying to solve dpps in current electricity

  1. The use of superposition theorem greatly helps.
  2. one important thing in applying it is to keep the internal resistance when shorting the battery.
  3. Other useful concept is Node method in analysing the circuits.
  4. These two concepts greatly simplify  as an alternative to elaborate Kirchoff’s laws.

Current Electricity

We are starting current electricity from today in my daughters prep.

  1. Current Electricity questions seem to be relatively straight forward compared to Mechanics.
  2. This week focus is on Kirchhoff’s Laws- Wheat Stone bridge, Conversion of MCG to Ammeter and Voltmeter, Meter Bridge,Potentiometer.
  3. We are focusing on problems from Irodov,AK Singh as they will give solid foundation for the thinking process.
  4. We would start with HC Verma, question banks from Deepti and Telugu academy will be done.

Lenses and Optical Instruments

Focus this week is on lenses and optical instruments for Hita. Though Geometrical Optics is treated as one unit by Dora, I think we have to adjust to this micro level treatment of concept building by her China IIT Academy.

Maybe we have prioritised and trying to do in the following  order.

1. HC Verma intensive practice

2. Telugu academy question bank


4.DPPs and qp s of IIT Academy

5. AK Singh problems review