About Gangineni Dhananjhay

Educated in Engineering and Finance, passionate about Physics and Finance. Worked predominantly in Academics.  Inspired in Physics by Dora and Finance and Trading by Victor Niederhoffer ( Daily Spec). My daughter’s interest in Physics ignited me to refocus on Physics and appreciate its many beauties in varied forms. I love Irodov and Abhay Kumar Singh in Physics for their variety and original problems. Hita’s  Olympiad prep is keeping me occupied these days where as I am a professional Trader and Trainer  in the earlier years.



12 thoughts on “About Gangineni Dhananjhay”

  1. Ritvik it’s quite difficult for us to qualify since the quota is just 17 and thus we’ll have to be in Merit Index I.e. scoring 80% of the average of top 10 scorers nationwide.See students brochure….
    I am too scoring about 135…


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