Wave Optics

Hita has started wave optics in her IIT Academy. We hope to achieve some hard practice by the end of this week. Some of the materials we have gathered are

  1. Telugu academy question bank
  2. Deepthi Eamcet vol 2
  3. Rahul Sardana on Optics
  4. Resnick & Halliday for IIT-JEE
  5. A K Singh
  6. GC Agrawal
  7. CO-IPL Material
  8. DPPs and Q.P s of IIT Academy

This will keep Hita sufficiently occupied and DORA is always available for clarifications.


4 thoughts on “Wave Optics”

  1. Sir,
    I was reading your blog about both Physics Olympiad. I am very pleased to see the amount of research and material you are using for the preparation.
    I have a daughter who will move to her 9th std this year. I wanted to get some inputs from you on how to begin the process of orienting the child and gently begin the preparation for her JEE exam.
    Can you please let me know if I can contact you to seek your advice?



  2. Can you please let me know your contact no.? I would need some advice from you on guiding my son who studies in Hyderabad. Since you have already gone through the grind, your advice will be very valuable for him . Your help in the matter is really appreciated.


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