IPhO Resources

iPhO Resources

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Third Party Sites:
       Yohanes Surya is America Returned Indonesian Physicist who trained Indonesian Physics Team in 2006 and lead Indonesia at 
       Top in IPhO, in the year 2006 Indonesia team was World Winner in Physics.


On the internet, we can find many interesting sites. As harvard problems of the week.
These days, when I was searching for a problem, I found a good physics challenges website. I think it’s a new site, 
  but it’s interesting for preparing to physics olympiads contests:


 There I found the most complete page to links to all over the world physics olympiad competitions:

 Physics Contests Around the World

 And the most complete solution to “Cube of Resistors Problem”:

 Cube of Resistors Problem

Other VERY GOOD website its:

Physics Challenge for Teachers and Students

There you can study the solutions of the problems to help you to improve your hability to solve physics olympiads problems.


   University Physics is widely used worldwide for IPhO Preparation.    

    If you are comfortable with Resnick, Halliday, Krane 5th Edition and time permits to do so then consult with that book too.

Problem Books:
    I E Irodovs’ Problems in Physics.

    200 Puzzling Problems in Physics.

    Krotov – Aptitude Test Problems in Physics

    Saraeva – Problemas Selecionados de Física Elementar (Portuguese title, but its a russian book)

    David Morin – Introduction to classical mechanics

    peter Gnadig – 200 puzzling physics problems

More Books: 
    From Old iPhO site       
Other Resources:

    CRUX Mathmaticorum for Problem Solving attitude developement

    Physics Olympiad Preparation in TORonto (POPTOR)
    POPTOR — Department of Physics

    MIT OCW Course 8

    Yale Open Physics Course.

    Physics olympiad srilanka at
Institute of Physics, Sri Lanka

Physics olympiad Bangladesh at
Bangladesh Physics Olympiad

    Post # 10
    University of Maryland Problems of the Week

British Physics Olympiad Books (not recommended by anyone because it is just collection of Previous Problems with Full length Solutions.)
British Physics Olympiads – Book 1: V. Simeonova, N. Nenov: 9781451501780: Amazon.com: Books
British Physics Olympiads – Book 2: AS Competition & Physics Challenge: V. Simeonova, N. Nenov: 9781450597791: Amazon.com: Books

Books with same difficulty level as I E Irodov can be downloaded from

    Mir Books | Books from the Soviet Era
(don’t know site is legal or not)

    Here you can meat others who are preparing for various Olympiads from UK
     AoPS forum – British • Art of Problem Solving
(Disclaimer: I work for AoPS)


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